10 Christmas Ornaments Set

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Christmas is a time of joy and peace, when you reunite with your loved ones and together re-discover the miracle of nativity. The ornaments used to adorn your Christmas Tree should therefore be very meaningful and reflect your faith. This unique 10 Christmas ornaments set from Dacaret Factory is hand crafted in Bethlehem, the Holy Land, by skilled artisans who express powerful religious values with every polishing touch. As you sit around the Christmas tree, enchanted by their divine glow, you will feel the heart-warming atmosphere of the holidays and embrace their religious meaning.

The set contains 10 olive wood decorations, each one representing iconic Biblical figures and, when used together, they help you adorn the Christmas tree in a subtly beautiful way. Perfect for every family, they are also very convenient, because they don’t break when dropped. The resistance of the high quality olive wood that they are crafted with makes them pass the test of time. You can keep them generation after generation, so that every member of your family can enjoy the beauty of a beautiful decoration rich in spiritual symbols. The set comes at a very affordable price and, if you are a wholesale buyer, you can benefit from additional discounts.


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