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About Us

About US

Dacaret Factory is an experienced Olive Wood Crafts Factory established over 20 years ago and operating in a field of art work that is considered one of the oldest handmade art forms in the Holy Land.

In another hand, many factories that are part of the Dacaret society have an experience between twenty to fifty years in the handmade crafts field.

Here, You will find a great variety of items expertly crafted out of the olive wood such as The Crucifixes, Crosses, Key Chains, Christmas tree ornaments, Nativity sets, Hearts and more, that you will be able to get them as an amazing blessing gifts for yourself family and friends on many occasions.

We are known for the high quality Carvings, professional packaging, customer service, personalized products and Engraving, and the fast shipping. At out shop you have the opportunity to find special deals for your occasions like Wedding, Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation and many other Favors.

If you are looking for wholesale products our Factory is the Answer.

Items will be shipped directly and quickly from our store in the United States for our Customers there, and from Bethlehem to our customers in the European Union, United Kingdom, Russia and Asia.

Rest assure that we are available by email and phone for any questions or special orders.

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Within 30 days for an exchange.

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