Dacaret Factory


Month: April 2018


Since the dawn of existence, spiritual civilizations have been fascinated by the mysticism of olive wood. In fact, it is the first tree to be mentioned in the Bible: as the Holy Book tells us in the Genesis, a beautiful white dove descended on Noah’s Ark, in its beak...

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The beauty and spirituality that olive wood products emanate have enthralled Christians for centuries. Just like a Bible should be found in any home, an olive wood cross is an item that connects families to God, reminding them of the values of love, faith and patience. As time passes...

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Online Shop

Visit the various sections of our website and review the multitude of handmade crafts coming directly from the Holy Land. We were established in 1987 and since then we have dedicated this store to bringing the experience alive for everybody searching for beautiful Christmas gifts like Christmas tree ornaments and...

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Olive Wood Crosses

This is a Collection of olive wood Crosses brought to you from the land of Bethlehem where Jesus was born. this collection provide hope and joy to people, enjoy our collection of wall crucifixes, table crosses, plain crosses, crosses with pearls, with bases, and the healing cross. in addition,...

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Olive Wood Bark

Decaret Factory stands at buyers disposal with a wide variety of olive wood bark products for sale, all of them being of top quality. For those who desire to buy olive wood wholesale products, the supplier provides them with great offers.

Christmas Ornaments

Our special Christmas ornaments are considered long life products ensuring you and your loved ones have long years of pleasure and nice memories. Each peace of Christmas tree ornaments is hand crafted by professional craftsmen from the holy land of Bethlehem. The olive wood ornaments and carvings you buy...

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